Romano-catolicii din Moldova (Romania) - Roman Catholics from Moldavia - Romania - people so called csangos - românii denumiți ceangăi, Tchangos
Between October 6-7, 2016, the "Iulian Antonescu" Museum Complex in Bacău, in partnership with the Bacău National Archives, in collaboration with the General Association of Archivists of Romania, the Bacău Branch, and the Bacau Roman-Catholic Deanery, organized the National Symposium "Vasile Parvan ". During the plenary proceedings, the doctor professor Ştefan Lupu, episcopal vicar and director of the Department of Historical Research of the Roman Catholic Bishopric of Iasi, transmitted a message from His Excellency Petru Gherghel, bishop of Iasi. His holiness came to Bacău with his father Fabian Doboş, a professor at the Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology in Iasi. Also in the plenary of the symposium were released several books, among which was the volume Seals from the collection of the Bacau History Museum, signed by Prof. Dr. Anton Coşa, member in the Historical Research Department of the Roman Catholic Bishopric of Iasi. Also, they were presented publicly: The Yearbook of the "Iulian Antonescu" Museum Complex in Bacău; Carpica (no. XLV / 2016), in the pages of which there are also two materials referring to the Catholics of Moldova, one constituting the Heraldic and sigilography study. The coat of arms of Bacău city, the other being found in the review of Vitralii volume. Ethnocultural pages from the press from 1992-2012 (authors Silvia Ciubotaru, Ion H. Ciubotaru), published in 2015 at the "Good Press" Iaşi Publishing House (both texts being signed by Anton Coşa); The Yearbook of Romanians from South- East Transylvania - "Acta Carpatica" (no. II / 2015); Directory of the National Archives of Bacău - "Acta Bacoviensia" (no. XI / 2016), in the pages of the latter being published and three specialized articles regarding the history of the Catholic community in the Diocese of Iasi. It is about: The activity of the Congregation "Notre Dame de Sion" in Moldavia around 1900 (author the prof. Prof. Fabian Doboş), The linguistic identity of the Csangos from Moldavia. Case study: "Moldvai magyarság" (author prof. Ioan Dănilă) and Unpublished Documents on the Catholic community in Fundu Răcăciuni (author prof. Anton Coşa). During the National Symposium "Vasile Pârvan" was organized a section entitled: "Spiritual life in Moldova", whose work was held at the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Bacau. Here were launched the books: "I suffered for the Church of Christ. The life of Father Ion Pârţac (1927-1996)", authors by Fabian Doboş; "Congregation Notre Dame de Sion: 150 years of activity in Moldova", author pr. Fabian Doboş; "History of the village and of the Catholics from Oteleni", author Blaj Ursache. The volumes were presented by the father prof. Dr. Stefan Lupu and the par. Prof. Dr. Fabian Doboş. Also, within the same sections mentioned above, there were presented eight scientific papers whose titles we insert below: prof.dr. Anton Coşa (Bacău), Unpublished documents on the Catholic community in Fundu Răcăciuni; priest prof. dr. Fabian Doboş (Iasi), Activity of the Congregation "Notre dame de Sion" in Moldavia around 1900; Prof. dr. Ioan Dănilă (Bacău), The linguistic identity of the csangos from Moldavia. Case study: "Moldvai magyarság"; dr. Ioan Lăcătuşu (Sfântu Gheorghe), The issue of Roman Catholics from Moldova in the Hungarian language press from Covasna and Harghita counties; Gheorghe Bejan (Bacău), Involvement of the Association of Roman Catholics of Moldavia "Dumitru Mărtinaş" in the social problems of the community; priest prof. Ştefan Lupu (Iaşi), History of the commune Oţeleni told by Blaj Ursache; Priest dr. Florin Ţuscanu (Roman), Printings of Metropolitan Antim Ivireanul, who are in the Library of the Archbishopric of Roman and Bacău; Vilică Munteanu (Bacău), Archive documents - valuable sources of information for the preparation of monographs of local communities. Of the 8 scientific papers presented at the section Religious Life in Moldova, three of them are already published (thus taking advantage of the opportunity previously offered by the organizers in the invitation to participate in the scientific symposium) in number XI / 2016 of the Yearbook of the National Archives of Bacau - "Acta Bacoviensia ", launched in plenary.
"Dumitru Mărtinaş" Roman-Catholic Association representing Roman-Catholics from Moldavia - Romania (people so called "csangos", French - tchangos, Hungarian - csangok, German - tschangos)