Romano-catolicii din Moldova (Romania) - Roman Catholics from Moldavia - Romania - people so called csangos - românii denumiți ceangăi, Tchangos
COUNTY SIMPOZION „CATHOLICS IN MOLDAVIA - HISTORY, IDENTITY AND ORIGIN The Theoretical High School "Henri Coandă„ Bacău organized on May 30, 2019, the County Symposium "Catholics of Moldova - History, identity, origins", an initiative carried out within the Secondary Education Project (ROSE), Grants Scheme for High Schools. This activity was dictated by the religious specificity of Bacău County, in which the Roman-Catholic communities hold a significant share. The purpose of the symposium was to provide the students and teachers of the Theoretical High School "Henri Coandăˮ", but also to the local, public and scientific community, the opportunity to know elements that define the specificity of Roman Catholics in Moldavia. At the same time, the symposium aimed at promoting cultural diversity, tolerance and identity values, as well as establishing a scientific framework favoring debates in the above mentioned issues. The coordinators of the symposium, Prof. Frâncu Simona Elena and Prof. Manolache Gheorghe, involved a large number of students and members of the teaching staff, in an activity that reaffirmed that Roman Catholics have faithfully preserved their port, traditions, customs. and the love of the country, but especially their Catholic faith, as a natural consequence of their inherited latinity. At the same time, along with the organizers, a significant contribution had a number of guests, representatives of local cultural institutions and non-governmental organizations: the "Iulian Antonescuˮ" Museum Complex and the Association of Roman Catholics "Dumitru Mărtinașˮ. During the symposium, scientific presentations related to the problem of Roman Catholics in Moldova were held by Prof. Dr. Anton Coșa ("A Journey in the History of Catholics in Moldova"), Prof. Frâncu Simona Elena ("People Who Were - Dumitru Mărtinaș" ), prof. dr. Manolache Gheorghe ("Geographic distribution of the habitat of the Catholic communities in Moldavia until the end of the 17th century, according to the testimonies of foreign travelers and missionaries"), Prof. Frâncu Daniel ("Mihail Kogălniceanu and the political rights of Catholics from Moldavia ”), Prof. Budău Angela (“ The life of Catholics from the Bacau diocese ”). Among the beneficiaries of the project were also students of the National Catholic College "St. Joseph" and the National College of Art "George Apostu", they directly involved, through PowerPoint presentations, results from research activities (Benchea Paula students - " Zdrăbuleanca ensemble ”and Porondi Melinda -“ The collection of ethnography Priest Vasile Heisu, Răcăciuniˮ, coordinated by Prof. Frâncu Simona-Elena), but also through graphic works. From the perspective of recent migration phenomena, which dominate the demographic evolution of the Roman-Catholic rural communities, the symposium ended with a debate on the theme "The traditional Romanian village in the context of European integration", mediated by Prof. Dr. Manolache Gheorghe.
S Y M P O S I U M “Catholics from Moldavia - History, identity, origins”
"Dumitru Mărtinaş" Roman-Catholic Association representing Roman-Catholics from Moldavia - Romania (people so called "csangos", French - tchangos, Hungarian - csangok, German - tschangos)