Romano-catolicii din Moldova (Romania) - Roman Catholics from Moldavia - Romania - people so called csangos - românii denumiți ceangăi, Tchangos


March 1, 2014, the first day of spring, is the day of opening the gates of the "European Youth Club". As part of this project, 160 young people from Bacău County will take part in a series of educational and creative extracurricular courses offered by the collaborators of the Romanian - Catholic Association "Dumitru Mărtinaș". The 160 young people, between the ages of 10 and 18, are from the village of Faraoani, Vladnic, Cleja and Arini. They will benefit by the end of the year of courses that aim to develop the communication and interaction capacity of the young people involved in the project as well as creativity, teamwork, promoting their own values ​​and creations. Among the courses, we mention: European Culture, Technology and Computer Science, Civic Culture, Photographic Art, English, Religious Culture, Debate and Argumentation. The target group will participate in the project "The European Youth Club" and in activities such as simulating an election campaign and a photography competition, in which they will put their knowledge and skills accumulated in value. The project manager, Oana Elena Radu, together with the Project Assistant, Professor Aurelia Bocancea, will coordinate and supervise the project activities and develop partnerships between the Romanian Association - Catholics "Dumitru Mărtinaș" and his collaborators, among whom we mention the course trainers, project assistants from each participating village and, last but not least, the school units in these villages and the staff involved. This project is implemented by the Association of Roman Catholics "Dumitru Mărtinaș", with the financial support of the Bacău County Council. The content of this material does not necessarily represent the official position of the Bacău County Council. The project "The European Youth Club", implemented by the Association of Roman Catholics "Dumitru Mărtinaș", started at the beginning of March this year and held the first working meeting of the management team together with a part of its collaborators. During this meeting, both the program for carrying out the project activities and how they were implemented were discussed. The distribution of tasks to the members of the project team was the purpose of the meeting. The management team carries out the organizational activities together with the four assistants of the project: Valentin Țicloș, Antoneta Iacob, Vasilica Petronela Irimia and Elena Durac. These are the binder between the Romanian - Catholic Association "Dumitru Mărtinaș" and the target group from each village participating in the project. The extracurricular educational modules Civic Culture and European Culture addressed to the 160 young people involved in the "European Youth Club" project started on March 28, 2014. The young people from the Roman Catholic community from Cleja (Cleja), Faraoani (Faraoani), Arini (Găiceana) and Vladnic (Parincea) will participate in the activities of the two extracurricular educational modules Civic Culture and European Culture until the end May project Each member of the target group of the project THE EUROPEAN YOUNG CLUB, implemented by the Association of Roman Catholics "Dumitru Mărtinaș", in partnership with the House of the Teaching Body "Grigore Tăbăcaru" Bacău and the Unlimited Connections Association, will participate in three meetings for each of the two modules and at a time of evaluation of the knowledge accumulated in the form of a competition. The module of the Civic Culture module, Daniel Frâncu, will transmit and consolidate to the young people information about human rights, especially the rights of the child, about the rule of law, about democracy, as a form of government, about the media as the "fourth" power in a state. democratic - informing the masses and not least its transmission channels. The beneficiaries of the project will be able to develop their communication skills, the ability to work individually and as a team, to develop social and civic competences such as knowledge of concepts and social and political structures. The trainer of the European Culture module, Oana Elena Radu, will inform the target group on how to build and organize the European Union, the values after which she guides her actions, the Institutions of the European Union - their composition and role, the general presentation of the 28 states of European Union and designing and drafting a letter to a friend from an EU state. The two modules will be concluded through a competition addressed to the target group. An election campaign simulation will be organized, in which the 160 young people will learn to work as a team. Teams of at least five members will be formed who will have the role of political party, whose candidates will fight for a place of student representative in the Local Council of the commune.
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"Dumitru Mărtinaş" Roman-Catholic Association representing Roman-Catholics from Moldavia - Romania (people so called "csangos", French - tchangos, Hungarian - csangok, German - tschangos)