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Moineşti: Summer Camp within the project "Social Club of Young from Bacău"

On Monday, August 3, 2015, the UNLIMITED CONNECTIONS Association from Bacău organized (at the Pini Moineşti Park Complex) the opening of the Summer Camp within the project "The Social Club of the Young from Bacău" (financially supported by the Bacău County Council). The Summer Camp from Moineşti will be held for five weeks, within which several extracurricular educational modules will be implemented. The project "The Social Club of the Young from Bacău" continues practically another project funded by the Bacău County Council in 2014 ("The European Youth Club"), implemented by the Association of Roman Catholics "Dumitru Mărtinaş" in a number of four Roman-Catholic villages in Bacău County. The project "The Social Club of the Young from Bacău" will be implemented in eight villages with Catholic population from Bacău county: Cleja, Faraoani, Arini, Vladnic, Valea Seacă, Fundu Răcăciuni, Pustiana and Frumoasa. Among the objectives of the project "Social Club of the Young from Bacău", targeting 240 children and young people from the eight rural communities with Catholic population in Bacau County, are: reducing social inequalities for children and young people from vulnerable groups (poor people from rural environment, with parents going to work abroad), through creative, recreational and social activities; creating a summer camp for the social inclusion of children and young people from vulnerable groups, by implementing extracurricular, recreational and creative development activities; implementation of "after school" type activities for equalizing the chances of children and young people, in order to develop the communication, relationship, debate and argumentation skills, carried out both formally and informally; organizing a painting competition for the development of creativity, competitive spirit and socialization with equal groups for children and young people from vulnerable groups, in order to prevent and combat discrimination; implementation of 11 extracurricular, creative, sporting and socializing educational modules: Civic culture and European values, English, Religious culture, Debate and Argumentation, History of the Roman Catholic Community, History and Geography of Bacău County, Hygiene and Personal Care, Art and Creativity, Sports Games, Anti-Discrimination, Technology and the Online Environment. At the opening of the Moineşti Summer Camp, the actors from the "Bell tower theater" in Bacău presented (in the direction of Ion Coşa) a suggestive show, entitled "Our Father" (a piece adapted after "Ox and veal" by Ion Băeşu), with obvious Christian and educational values. Starting from the fourth commandment of God: Honor your father and mother, to be well with you and to live long on earth, the show "Our Father" has captured the attention of the audience by the exceptional way the actors have succeeded in staging a comic, but dramatic, play about a father and his family. And the children who attended the show understood that they honor their parents when they love them, listen to them and help them, just like Jesus. At the opening of the Summer Camp in Moineşti were among others: Oana Elena Radu (project manager "Social Club of Young from Bacău"), eng. Gheorghe Bejan (county councilor and president of the Roman-Catholic Association "Dumitru Mărtinaş"), prof. Dumitru Ficuţă (School Inspectorate of Bacău County), prof. Daniel Frâncu, prof. Dr. Anton Coşa, students and teachers from Pustiana and Frumoasa villages.
SUMMER  CAMPS organized by the Association of Roman Catholics "Dumitru Mărtinaș" or to whom the association participated
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